Information Technology

Finance-Driven Hardware

A variety of secure, self-service digital kiosks with digital signage are offered through third party retailers. These can be deployed in a variety of environments like:

  • Retail

  • Banking

  • Entertainment

  • Sports

The products will ensure that you maximise the results opportunities in digital advertising can deliver to your business.

MetaTrader (MT4 or MT5)

The MT5 trading platform is an award winning, easy to use software. It's award winning design and interface makes trading a smooth experience with any Windows or iOS powered devices. MT4 is Windows-powered and comes with various legacy features:

  • Trade 44 currency pairs, 12 commodities, indices and CFDs.

  • Perform technical analysis and fundamental analysis with 100+ custom Indicators available in the market.

  • Trade from 0.01 micro lots.

  • The MT4 terminal can interface with all expert advisers.

  • Deploy 'partial close' for better risk management.

  • Deploy 'Stop loss' (SL) and 'Take Profit' (TP) to optimise your position.

  • Deploy 'Pending orders' to take advantage of highly volatile markets.